For plasterboard installation in hard to reach places

Plasterboard Lift Lite is a simpler version of our standard Plasterboard Lift, minimising multiple functions and reducing the structure’s weight to adapt it for simpler jobs. But do not be fooled by the greatly reduced weight and price. It still has the most important functions for anyone working with plasterboard installation above shoulder height.

When working in confined spaces, a Plasterboard Lift Lite is the optimal tool. Its slim design can manoeuvre where other products and equipment cannot reach. When installing above shoulder height it is a great ergonomic support that holds plasterboard sheets up for you.

Scope of use
The Plasterboard Lift Lite is the tool for the last step in the plasterboard installation process. It helps you lift up plasterboard sheets, either directly from the Plasterboard Trestles or Sheet Cart. You can adjust the height by raising and lowering the calliper at the wheel, which also has a safety lock for security during installation. Two lockable castors also provide increased stability. Once you have lifted the sheet and set the height as needed, just begin the installation.

Technical Specification
Article nr: 70050
Max load: 50 kg
Width: 750 mm
Length: 750 mm
Height: 1700 - 3200 mm
Weight: 18 kg
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