Easier, efficient and safe plasterboard transport

Now a single person can carry up to 1200 kg of plasterboard completely by themselves – with Starke Arvid’s El-8:a. This truck is part of a larger concept to free up man hours and streamline the entire workflow at your worksite.

Starke Arvid’s El-8:a has an electric drive system with drive in both rear wheels. It manoeuvres smoothly even on uneven surfaces, reducing the load on the user. The job will be less strain for your employees and you also free up work time that can be used for installation or other work activities. This raises the efficiency and profitability of the workflow.

Scope of use

When you transport plasterboard the El-8 acts as a natural link between the lifting frame, which it smoothly fits into, and the plasterboard trestles where plasterboard will be stored prior to installation. The cart also has other features such as a spring-loaded handle that stays in the position you release it, moulded rubber wheels and a lifting point for transportation by crane. Flow is more efficient and you get time for other valuable tasks.

Technical Specification
Article nr: 18600
Max load: 1200 kg
Weight: 720 mm
Length: 1720 mm
Height: To technology approach 615-745 mm
Weight: 320 kg
SRA-code: 162162
Height exclusive handle: 1880 mm
Distance between materials wallpaper: 1300-1960 mm
Battery pack: 24V system 115 Ah
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