Simplify your window replacement and installation

With our Glass Lift 180 you can streamline lifting, transportation and installation of glass panels of up to 180 kg. The machine is specially designed for window replacement and installation, with a sleek and compact design to operate effectively even in tight spaces.

It manoeuvres easily and securely into tight spaces, around sharp corners and through existing doorways. For best results during the installation process there is electrical power to the rear wheels, extension arm and tilt for the lifting device. It also has a removable VakuFlex 280 lifting yoke that provides a clever two-in-one solution. The lifting yoke can be used separately when handling glass panels, for example façade installation.

Scope of use

Glass Lift 180 is used primarily for installation and/or replacement of windows. It makes it possible to streamline the process of transporting and installing glass panels of up to 180 kg, even in tight spaces and around tight corners. In this way you relieve your employees from heavy and awkward postures and lifting, minimising the risk of workplace accidents. You also get a more efficient workflow and safer handling of the material. The design is small and easy to handle and transport.

Technical Specification
Article nr: 70710
Lift capacity: 180 kg
Weight: 210 kg
Height: 1140 mm
Width: 700 mm
Length: 1657 mm
Max lift height vertical: 2200 mm
Max lift height horizontally: 2600 mm
Extend the arm in front of the wheel: 1400 mm
Vacuum system: 2 circuit
Charging current: 230 V
Integrated charger: Yes
Charging: About 8 hours
Battery: (2 x 12 V) 24V
Engine / operation: Rear wheel
Suction cups: 4 st. ø 250 mm
Counterweights: 90 kg
Lifting and lashing eyes: Yes
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