High-performance all-around machine for easier installation

The Glass Lift 400 Outdoor is the machine that simplifies your installation of glass panels of up to 400 kg. It is designed and tailored to run both indoors and outdoors, as well as on various surfaces. The machine has sturdy wheels both front and rear, with a motor drive for the front wheels. A smart all-around machine that serves many purposes.

The machine can reach up to 3475 mm in the horizontal position and has an increased extension on the lifting arm of 1331 mm in front of the front wheels. It also has 100 mm lateral movement of the front axle and gas-dampening reinforcements on the lift arm.

Solid construction with high performance.

Scope of use

Glass Lift 400 Outdoor is an all-around machine that can be used as a smooth solution for transport and installation of glass panels of up to 400 kg. Enable a safer and more efficient workflow for your glass handling team and their equipment with suction cups. These attach and secure windows, glass panels, fire doors and related items during work – relieving your workers from these tasks. You end up with more satisfied employees and a safer workplace with less risk of accidents and injuries. The structure is designed to provide gentle, smooth handling of even large and heavy panels of glass.

Technical Specification
Article nr: 70703
Width: 729 mm
Length: 1688 mm
Height: 1507 mm
Weight: 830 kg
Battery capacity: (2 x 12 V) 24V
Lift capacity: 400 kg
Max lift height vertical: 2966 mm
Max lift height horizontally: 3464 mm
Extend the arm in front of the wheel: 1334 mm
Lateral displacement: +/- 50 mm = 100 mm
Gyro function: Yes
Gas damper on the boom: Yes
Vacuum system: 2 circuit
Charging current: 230 V
Integrated charger: Yes
Charging: About 8 hours
Engine / operation: Rear wheel
Suction cups: 4 st. ΓΈ 250 mm
Quick couplings vacuum: Yes
Lifting and lashing eyes: Yes
Accessories: wireless remote control
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