Transport of plasterboard without manual handling

Plasterboard is an unwieldy and heavy product. Manual handling can be a risky and costly process for both employees and product. With our Lift Truck you can transport sheet materials in a convenient, safe and ergonomic way. The truck’s robust steel construction can handle up to 1500 kg in one lift.

The Lift-8/Extending Lift Truck is a central part of our classic system for handling plasterboard. It enables transport from the delivery truck to the installation site without a single manual lift. Its profitability can be described as a cost reduction of up to 50%, won through work efficiency and elimination of unnecessary and time-consuming elements of the work process.

Scope of use
Its place in the plasterboard handling system is after lifting plasterboard into the building with the help of a Lifting Frame. Roll the cart under the plasterboard and raise the platform. After that, transport the plasterboard to its location and lower onto the plasterboard trestles. The plasterboard is then at an ergonomic working height for cutting and lifting. However the versatile lift truck can be used in many situations and for many types of transportation.

The Lift truck has great maneuverability and can be braked by pushing the handle down. The handle is easy to remove if you need to save space during transport of the truck.

Technical Specification
Article nr: 18700
Max load: 1500 kg
Width: 700 mm
Height: 580-730 mm
Weight: 180 kg
Length of handle: 1100 mm
Duration premium handle: 1900 mm
Distance between materials wallpaper: 1835-2925 mm
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