Thank you all for a great year

Dear partners

2016 has been in all a very good year. The UK market has been very strong and we feel that we are well positioned to support the general focus on decreasing manual handling in the industry. Decreasing manual handling will decrease restraints as well as costs and in the long run it will make the industry a better place to work – it will benefit all of the stakeholders.

Worth mentioning this year is that we are very glad that a large portion of our customers has gone from using single products to using the full system for plasterboard handling. Further, our movies of products in use has helped a lot of customers to determine what set of Starke Arvid products that could help them at their specific site – take a look at

We would with these short words thank you all for a great year and wish you all happy holidays – see you all in 2017


Mattias Hellner

CEO Starke Arvid

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