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World-class systems and products for plasterboard logistics

Welcome to Starke Arvid! Here you will find products and systems that facilitate your work in the construction, transport and engineering industries. We produce intelligent equipment and offer smart solutions for material handling that make your everyday tasks easier, safer and more cost effective.

Simplified work processes are profitable

Your worksite should feel smooth, safe and time efficient. We help your company achieve this through aids that are intelligently designed, easy to handle and ergonomic. Starke Arvid products are clever in themselves, but they work even better when they operate in a system. All products are designed with a basis in the real world and aim to simplify your work processes and make your plasterboard logistics profitable.

We offer a complete solution for your logistical challenges.

Spare Parts


  • Starke Arvid ERGOwheel – Circular Economy

    Arvid reinvents the wheel – An April fool’ s joke? Well, no actually not! Today 1/4 2020, all Lift Truck 3.0 will be mounted and delivered with Starke Arvid ́s brand new and unique ERGO wheels. Why? The ERGO wheels in combination with the new Lift Truck 3.0 provide up to 46% lower pull resistance […]

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  • Starke Arvid launches a new product range!

    Starke Arvid launches a new range of grips and pliers for handling concrete and stone The new launch includes several new products such as Kerb Grabs, Barrier Grab and Block Grab. They have a lifting capacity of between 150 kg to 5000 kg, some are manual and others are controlled with, for example, a crane, […]

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  • El8 3.0 a new generation of electric transport trucks is here

    Starke Arvid is constantly working to drive the industry forward with ergonomic, efficient and economical products. We develop, we manufacture and we drive the market forward together with our users. We have now together with you been able to develop a new and improved electric transport trolley, namely El8 3.0! The EL8 is designed for […]

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