Starke Arvid launches a new product range!

Starke Arvid launches a new range of grips and pliers for handling concrete and stone

The new launch includes several new products such as Kerb Grabs, Barrier Grab and Block Grab. They have a lifting capacity of between 150 kg to 5000 kg, some are manual and others are controlled with, for example, a crane, forklift or our Glass Lift. These products complement our existing range, from the ground up, for handling concrete and reinforcement.

  • Kerb Grab 150 kg lifting capacity, lifts curbs and curbs. Can be used manually or hung in the lifting eye
  • Kerb Grab 600 kg lifting capacity, used for crane lifting heavier curbs
  • Barrier Grab 5000 kg lifting capacity, a crane-controlled pliers for handling concrete barriers, among other things
  • Block Grab 1800 kg lifting capacity, used with crane to lift larger blocks or pallets with stone
  • Fork Mounted Hooks 2000 kg lifting capacity, provides your lifting forks with lifting hook.
  • Crane Fork 1500-3000 kg lifting capacity, a crane-controlled pallet fork for side handling of standard pallet

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