Brings the work up off the floor

Our Plasterboard Trestles bring sheets up off the floor and instead sets them in the right place at a proper working height. The benefits of bringing work up off the floor are many; less strenuous lifting, easier movement and a smaller share of damage to your materials are just a few.

Plasterboard Trestles have stable tube construction that has passed extensive safety tests. They stand firmly on the ground and you can feel confident that they will carry the specified maximum load without problems. By creating order on site, you minimise the risk of damage from tripping hazards.

Scope of use

The trestles are placed evenly under the plasterboard to lift it up. At least three trestles should be used per load to avoid deformation of the sheets. With the help of our Lift-8 or Power-8 you can easily lower the plaster boards safely onto the trestles. You can then store the trestles in our Plasterboard Trestle Rack. In this way there is room to fit up to 102 trestles in only 1.5 m².

The trestle pipe ends grips the floor to create stability in the structure. So you should never set end parts on the feet of the trestle. If the surface is fragile, it is advisable to place the trestle on a sheet of masonite or the like to avoid damage. Discard all waste directly into the Waste Bin to avoid duplication in the work process.

Technical Specification
Article nr: 21000
Max load: 400 kg
Weight: 1200 mm
Length: 550 mm
Height: 650 mm
Weight: 6 kg
SRA-code: Does not exist
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