Starke Arvid ERGOwheel – Circular Economy

Arvid reinvents the wheel – An April fool’ s joke? Well, no actually not!

Today 1/4 2020, all Lift Truck 3.0 will be mounted and delivered with Starke Arvid ́s brand new and unique ERGO wheels. Why? The ERGO wheels in combination with the new Lift Truck 3.0 provide up to 46% lower pull resistance than our previous PU- wheels.

Ergonomically and economically, it is a huge difference and adds a direct value for both owners and users.

The wheels will withstand and last the wagon’s estimated life cycle and it changes the economy completely. By really changing the vehicle’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by eliminating wheel changes during the Lift Truck´s life cycle, the difference between price and cost is significant. Starke Arvid also doubles the warranty period on the ERGO wheels compared to our previous PU wheels.

The new ERGO wheels also fits older models of both Lift Truck, Lift Truck Long, as well as Wastebin 400L axles.

Up to 46% reduced rolling resistance

A variety of test on the Lift Truck with weights on 900kg and 1200kg there is a significant different between the new ERGO wheels compared to the old PU wheel. The test includes from standing still to moving, a so called pull test, and also standing still turning the handle and also turning the Lift Truck moving.


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